No two companies are exactly the same. So why should you accept a cookie cutter solution for yours? We are experts in marketing and project management and are excited to tackle global industries both new and familiar. But we never provide the exact same solution twice – it wouldn’t work. Just as every person is different, so are companies – different needs, goals, cultures, employees, and processes. Clever Fox Consultants is dedicated to getting to know YOUR company (and you!) in order to provide solutions that work for your specific needs.

Have you ever worked with a consultant and felt like the solution didn’t fit your company at all? It’s an all too common problem. Don’t expect for one of our cleverness consultants to talk to you for an hour and have a plan ready to go – it takes more listening than that. Whether you need help increasing efficiency in your workflow, in-depth branding help, or simply need a PMP certified project manager to run a project for you, we are here to dive in feet first. No matter how big or small of a company, we are ready to meet you. Really, truly meet you.